Corneille’s biography


Corneille was destined to become a master musician. He started with music at the age of 5 when he was introduced to the piano. After a couple of lessons he realized the piano was not for him; he could not carry it with him… ;-)

What the young Corneille was looking for was an instrument that he could take with him, wherever he went – his own instrument that he could get to know personally and master.

Thus, he was introduced to a magical 6-stringed instrument at the age of 6 and started with formal classical guitar training with the acclaimed Belgian guitarist Yvon Syx.


After numerous years of tutoring Corneille, Yvon Syx moved back to Belgium. Charl Lamprecht took over the reigns.

Corneille and Charl walked a long road through all the classical guitar techniques and even played together in numerous concerts with the Jose Montoya Spanish Dance Company. It is during this time that the Flamenco style of guitar playing intrigued Corneille and the very unique fusion between Classical, Instrumental-pop and Flamenco guitar sound was born that CH2 is so well known for.


Corneille went on to complete grades through Trinity College of Music, London, as well as achieving Highest Honours in his Performance Certificate. Corneille was awarded a silver medal in the commonwealth from Trinity College.

Corneille has been performing as part of CH2 since 2000 and the band has paved their way into the international music industry with their unique sound. Their fan base is growing with every performance. Once you’ve experienced CH2, you’re hooked!

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